Pramatica Innovations

Pragmatica Innovations (PI) creates more efficient and profitable enterprises.  Unlike companies that start by managing documents, improving processes or building software - our team begins with the foundations of these solutions.  We provide a complete understanding of the information that builds the requirements for successful and robust business capabilities.  It makes no sense to try to improve, using new expensive tools and software, what is fundamentally flawed – bad information.

Information is the toolbox of management decisions and world class operations.  Our software, products and services are built based on how information is generated, transformed and shared in an organization.  Within every solution is the same persistent information built into a strong architecture that can survive organizational change, new requirements and products, even mergers and acquisitions.  New programs and procedures don’t fail by themselves.  They fail because they are hastily built without a full understanding of what they are supposed to do.

With a solid understanding of the information that must be managed we can improve back office services, create collaborative environments, provide ways to visualize complex information that help make objective resource decisions and show how information becomes data and data becomes decisions.   We are confidant because we have created a complete approach.  We designed and integrated frameworks to capture the information; developed a tool to model it both visually and within a database; pioneered methods to generate solution requirements from repeatable models and finally created a complete back office service structure that integrates the software investment you’ve already made. 

The PI team works with each customer and partner to ensure their self-sufficiency - always including our unique ethical perspective on contributing to an environmentally sustainable future.